Our Mission

Connecting People With Jesus.

Our Values

*We are sojourners of faith.

*We are a people with open arms.

*We are intent on community impact.

*We are a prism of Jesus.

Our Vision

Holt Christian Church is becoming a living, loving church engaging our community to create thousands of disciples.

Our History

Holt Christian is a nondenominational church with roots in the American Restoration Movement. The New Testament of the Bible holds the pattern of the church founded by Christ, and Holt is trying daily to conform to that pattern.

One thing you'll notice right away is that Holt Christian Church is a church with a purpose: The Church wants to introduce you to Jesus. You'll experience His love, His forgiveness, His strength as you worship, play, and share with us. Jesus really is "The Way."

HCC celebrated our 25 year anniversary of service to the Lord in October of 2014. Our first building of worship was actually constructed in a corporate effort between Church Builders and members of our congregation in 1997, to house the many activities of this church. The members love Jesus, they love one another, they love to study God's Word, and they would like for you to experience this love by joining us for worship soon.