Everyone is welcome to become a member of the Buildings & Ground Team.

There is no list of skills that must be met before you will be accepted into the group. We need people that can change light bulbs or cut the grass, just as much as we need someone that is a professional plumber or electrician. Following is a more specific list of skills that may be utilized here at HCC:

  • Painting, Drywall Finishing, Laundry, Organization, Plumber, Carpentry, Cut Grass,
  • Edger Operation, Small Engine Knowledge, Trim Bushes, Pull/Kill Weeds, Fertilize,
  • Order Supplies, Stock Kitchen, Cleaning, Changing Light Bulbs, Electrician, Green Thumb, General Household Repair, Assembly, Sweeping, Assistant/Helper, Creative
  • Take Out Trash, Flooring Installation, Share Your Contacts, Roofing,
  • Cabling Installation